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Complete list of Ozone Mice with links to full specifications.

In this table you will find some of the most important features, such as Dimensions, Weights and some Sensor Specs like Resolution Range, Max Acceleration and Max Tracking Speed.

You can sort each column, by clicking on it, to pick the lowest or highest performing products.

Click on the names of Ozone Mice list to discover more details.

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Mouse RD Rating Ergonomy Max Res Min Res Accel. T.Speed L W H Weight Price
Ozone Neon X40 2018 Ambidextrous 7200 400 30 G 150 IPS 125 64 39 98
Ozone Neon M10 2016 Ambidextrous 2000 800 20 G 60 IPS 125 65 36.8 90
Ozone Neon M50 2017 Ambidextrous 5000 800 30 G 130 IPS 132.6 73.5 41.3 115

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