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Flawless Mouse Sensors

Although no sensor is perfect, some are considered perfect enough… Here you can find list of flawless, also known as perfect sensors.

These are the sensors that don’t have noticeable acceleration, smoothing and other filtering features or at least those features can be disabled.

In this way, players are able to train their muscle memory and to improve skill and movement precision, getting better at gaming or work.

Tendency is that all future sensors are getting perfect.

Last Update: Aug. 21st, 2023.

PMW 3399 / Razer Focus +Optical2000065050g
Owl-Eye 19KOptical1900040050g
Razer 5GOptical1800045040g
PAW 3335Optical1800040040g
PMW 3389Optical1600040050g
PMW 3338Optical1600040040g
Hero 16kOptical1600040040g
PMW 3390 / Razer 5G LaserOptical1600045050g
PMW 3335Optical1600040040g
PMW 3361 / Owl EyeOptical1200025050g
PMW 3391Optical1200025050g
PMW 3360 / TrueMove 3Optical1200025050g
PMW 3366Optical1200025050g
PMW 3331 / Pro-Optic R8Optical850030035g
PMW 3330Optical720015030g
SDNS 3988Optical640020050g
SDNS 3989Optical640020050g
PMW 3327Optical620022030g
PMW 3325Optical500010020g
PMW 3310Optical500013030g
PMW 3320Optical35008020g
ADNS 3095Optical35006020g
ADNS 3090 / Pro-Optic (R3)Optical35006020g