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Welcome to favicon

The website has been created to respond to the need for a reliable source of detailed and easy-to-read specifications about computer mice.

Together with constantly updated specs, it is offered the models comparison tool to help visitors in buying decision making.

Besides specs and comparisons, we aim in the coming future to eventually have a review of every mouse ever produced, so a section with the news from the mouse world.

Why am I trustworthy?

I have been a Videogamer for the last 30 years, an Engineer for the last 5 years and since 2022 also a Digital Entrepreneur.

The gamer background allowed me to be the first user of this website and to be aware of what a consumer expects from the gaming mice.

Engineering studies made me understand the importance of data and values, the role of specifications and the physical meaning of measurement units, as you can imagine.

Finally, as a digital entrepreneur, I know what a business mouse should be and how it should aid the everyday work, including the performance.

Being a Gamer since 1993 👾

I have played videogames for the last three decades, since the times of Dina Blaster and Prince of Persia 2D, functioning in the MS-DOS environment, passing through Quake III Arena and Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW).

In this time I have played really all kind of videogames, like FPS (CS 1.6, CS:GO, Unreal Tournament, whole Serious Sam franchise, Battlefields, CoD and Rainbow Six Siege), Strategy Games (my favorite ones have been Age Of Empire and Mythology, Starcraft 1 and 2, Warcraft III, Total War Saga)  …but also many MMORPG (like Lineage II, World of Warcraft, Star Wars the Old Republic).

I have had over thirty mice during my gaming career (my current daily driver at home is the Logitech G502 SE).

This long time also made me develop a deep knowing about how they have evolved over time.

For these reasons, I really know what gamers want when they are going to buy a mouse, in terms of technical performance of the sensor but also considering feelings, ergonomic, reliability and why not, good looking as well.

Engineering Point of View 📐

The MSc degree in Engineering made me appreciate the value of the preciseness of data and specification comparisons, to aid the consumer choice between different models.

The time spent in studying helped me to understand the technology behind the working of a mouse, in order to highlight positive and negative aspects.

Knowing how things work gives a boost in discovering the causes and relationships between facts of computer mice world, leading to better and higher quality reviews.

Daily Business Routine 💼

In later years, I begun my career as digital entrepreneur, which brought me to spend even more time with desktop and laptop devices.

I think that the time passed as company Engineer and the current as a digital entrepreneur completed my view of mice world with the workers point of view of this market segment.

This is the motivation why in the recent months we introduced also business mice models.

The value of Moderators, Community, Information Sources 🛈

I am not alone working on, I have a few friends helping me with this site, whom I call moderators.

Besides that, I have two moderators on the site and both have IT backgrounds, with hardware and software history in their CVs. More or less, all are some sort of gamers.

On top of everything most of our visitors are highly skilled computer experts and/or gamers, which regularly send their contributions and fix mistypes and wrong facts.

All specs on this site have been manually collected and inspected.  Most are taken from the manufacturer sites, technical papers and independent reviews.

Often data are found on highly specialized hardware and gaming forums, such as reddit.

Finally, we can benefit of the contributions of highly engaged users, which provide data-fixes and interesting suggestions on data representation.

Special thanks to :

  • Popcopone ( LiftOff Distances and Feedbacks on Comparisons Page ) 
  • TomGonk ( Highlighting some Bugs and providing user’s Feelings about the Comparisons Page )

We are working and developing a similar website with the same accuracy we spend on

Since I have had many laptops in my life, and I am now really experienced in this, I’m working on a website to help the user get informed on notebooks models and specs.

As we like the specification theme and we like to help in the decision making, we plan in the future to produce more websites around other topics.

At the moment, they belong to the Specs group :



We hope you will keep visiting our websites and ejoying our specs!