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Roccat Kain 120 (122) AIMO

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4.4/5 - (43 votes)

Roccat Kain 120 and 122 (black and white) are mice from Roccat intended for FPS gaming. Although trend in FPS gaming is leaning to lighter mice, this Roccat will be appreciated by people who like “somewhat heavier” devices since it has 89 grams.

Build quality is amazing which probably is related to its slightly extra weight.

Mouse is almost perfect, perfect scroll, perfect clicks and perfect sensor, except one downside – shape. Even if it looks like safe shape, shape is weird and you need some time to settle in.

People online also comment issues with scroll and clicks going bad, but mine sample (which I bought) is still holding well after 5 27 months…


  • Excellent sensor
  • Scroll wheel
  • Perfect left and right clicks
  • Build quality


  • Shape could be safer
  • Slightly overweight

Mouse Details

Brand, model and release date.

ModelKain 120 AIMO
Release Date2019
Your Rating
4.4/5 - (43 votes)

Dimensions and Weight

Size and weight of Roccat Kain 120 (122) AIMO mouse.

Length~124 mm
~12.4 cm
~4.88 in
Width~65 mm
~6.5 cm
~2.56 in
Height~43 mm
~4.3 cm
~1.69 in
Weight~89 g
~0.09 kg
~0.2 lbs

Technical Specs

Sensor, lift of distance and rest of the specifications for the Roccat Kain 120 (122) AIMO mouse.

Sensor TypeOptical
Sensor ModelPMW3381
Perfect SensorYes
Resolution (CPI/DPI)100 - 16000
Maximum Acceleration50 G
Max Tracking Speed400 IPS
Polling Rate1000 Hz (1ms)
Lift Off DistanceAdjustable (~2mm default)
Switches (Lifespan)Omron (50 million clicks)
Feets (Lifespan)PTFE
Onboard MemoryYes
Smoothing / FilteringNo
Hardware AccelerationNo
Click Latency-


Connectivity types for the Roccat Kain 120 (122) AIMO mouse.

ConnectivityWired, USB
Cable Length~1.8 m
~5.91 ft
Cable TypeBraided cable

General Specifications and Features

List of additional Roccat Kain 120 (122) AIMO features.

Mouse TypeGaming mouse
Suggested GripPalm grip, Claw grip, Fingertip grip
CPI/DPI IndicatorYes
LED LightingYes
LED AdjustableYes
Adjustable WeightNo

Price and Warranty

Satisfaction is (not) guaranteed.

Warranty2 Years
Manufacturer URL


What MouseSpecs think about this mouse.

This was another Roccat I thought it would be my endgame mouse, but again it isn’t, mainly because of shape. Let’s dive to my review…

Size and Shape

Main culprit of why I didn’t give this mouse better score. Shape is almost safe, but it has some kind of lump in the middle which force me have unique grip for this mouse. That unique grip somehow build tension in my right side fingers, so I occasionally and randomly (every couple of minutes) do right clicks.

After some time, this gets infuriating… You start thinking it’s something on your side, but in reality it’s the shape and sensitive clicks. Once moved to Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro this stopped happening almost instantly for me…

Mouse is 124 mm in length, 65 mm in width, 43 mm in height. So it’s a medium sized mouse. It fits small and medium hands. People with larger hand could probably not use the palm grip with it.

Another issue is weight. Mouse has 89 grams and it would be much better if it is at least 10 grams lighter. However due the weight, mouse feels extremely good and you can’t ignore its build quality.

1-2-2 and 1-3-1 grips are very well suited for this mouse. Difference between Roccat Kain 120 and Roccat Kain 122 is only in color. First one is black, second one is white.


Main buttons are on Omron 50 million switches. Although some other mice I had use the same switches here those switches are somehow different. Almost perfect and similar to feel as of Logitech G502.

No weird springy feel and inconsistency like on Roccat Kone Pure Ultra.

Side buttons are decent; I don’t use them enough to comment them more.

All buttons click subtly and quietly.

Drag clicking works well with this mouse.


Roccat uses his own variant of Pixart PMW3381 sensor. Sensor is flawless and it works as you expect. There is no noticeable smoothing, filtering, or acceleration.

DPI can be adjusted from 100 till 16000 in the steps of 50. My tests to spin it out ingame failed.

Tracking height is adjustable and default tracking height is around ~1 mm. Polling rate is set by default to 1000 Hz.

Scroll wheel

It’s the same as on Roccat KPU and if I would describe it with one word it would be perfection. Roccat calls it “Titan Wheel 2.0”. Don’t know how they achieved it since some other mice with ALPS encoder are similar but not nearly as good.

Tactility hits the sweet spot. Scroll wheel is firm, but not too much firm, it is without rattle, incredibly nice on touch and it feels like it belongs to a much more expensive mouse. Movements between steps is smooth and oddly satisfying.


Cable is nothing special and it could be better. If you have mouse bungee, then it doesn’t matter.

Braided cable is 1.8 m long, and I would love to see Roccat wired mice getting 2.1 meter cables.


I usually don’t notice the feet and difference between mice which might be due the Sharkoon pad I have. Feet seem like classical PTFE. I don’t feel I should change them or upgrade them.


Coating is very good. It’s matte and smooth. I even ate few times in front of the computer and there was no single dirty finger on the mouse. Actually when I think about it, it’s one of the best coating I experienced on the mouse.


Mouse is compatible with the Roccat Swarm software. Software is around ~160 Mb big and it installs quickly without needs for restart. Weirdly right after install it asked for an update and some special module in order to recognize the mouse.

Once done, software allows you to modify cpi/dpi levels, change pointer and vertical scroll speed, calibrate mouse, set polling rate, activate angle snapping, set tracking height, program all buttons, modify RGB colors and many other options.

All of that can be saved to 5 onboard profiles. Although many people complained that Swarm app is buggy, for me everything worked out of the box.


If there was no issue with my right finger tension clicks I would say it’s one of the best mice I ever used, however that and slightly weirder shape forced me to move to something else.

Strangely my non-gamer wife found the Roccat Kain 122 extremely comfy and satisfying and it eventually became her daily driver in business use.

Video Review / Different Opinion

Adittional look and feel of the mouse.

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