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Mouse Click Latencies

Mice click latencies comparison, compiled from various sources by Ali Zafar.

BrandMouse modelClick latency (ms)FirmwareNotes
Note: If there is a mouse you cannot find in this sheet, please check here:

Due to a slight change in measurement methods, some mice will be excluded.
ZaunkoenigZaunkoenig M2K-1.3
AsusTUF M4 Air-1
AsusROG Keris-0.9
AsusROG Chakram Core-0.9
KTECKTEC KTM-9500+-0.8
AsusROG Gladius 3-0.5
NMouse (Skydigital)NMouse 4K-0.3fw1.18 to 2.26
ZalmanZM-M600R-0.3fw1.18 to 2.26
BloodyBloody TL8-0.1
GigabyteM63 Raptor-0.1
ElecomElecom M-DUX51BK-0.1lmb+rmb is 15ms
RoccatKone XP-0.1tested with Nvidia LDAT; standard error=0.2ms; standard deviation=2.5ms
Endgame GearEndgame Gear XM1 / XM1 RGB / XM1r0from -1.0 ms to +0 ms
SteelSeriesIkari Optical0used as baseline
SteelSeriesIkari Laser0
GloriousModel I0On 0ms setting. 3.3ms at 2ms setting, 11.3ms at 10ms setting
CorsairDark Core RGB Pro/SE0tested in wired mode
Cooler Master / CM StormXornet0.1fw52fw72 is 14ms
BloodyBloody A900.2
MarsbackMarsback Zephyr Pro0.2On 1ms setting. 2ms at 20ms setting (default), 9.9ms on 100ms setting
AsusROG Gladius 3 Wireless0.2tested in wired mode
CreativeFatal1ty 20200.4
RazerViper / Viper Mini0.5from -0.5 ms to +0.5 ms
RazerDeathadder V2 / Deathadder V2 Mini0.5from -0.5 ms to +0.5 ms
RazerBasilisk V20.5from -0.5 ms to +0.5 ms
LogitechLogitech G30.5
LogitechLogitech G50.5fw1.2
SPC GearGEM Plus0.6set to 1ms in software; 19.5ms at 20ms setting (default)
LogitechLogitech G4000.7
RazerCopperhead0.8fw6.16iignore other firmwares
GamesenseMVP0.8at 0/1ms setting
Mad CatzM.O.J.O M10.8
GloriousModel D Wireless / Model D- Wireless0.8tested in wired mode, 0ms setting
PerixxPerixx MX-10000.9
SteelSeriesSS Kinzu (v1)0.9
LogitechLogitech G5020.9fw88.2.16fw88.1.13 is 1.5ms, fw88.3.17 starts higher latency
Fnatic GearBolt0.9fw1.4.2tested in wired mode, 1ms setting
RoccatBurst / Burst Pro1from +0 ms to +1.0 ms, lmb+rmb is 20ms (26ms in liftoff state)
AlienwareAlienware TactX1
BloodyBloody V31
Tt eSportsTt Talon Blu1
RazerViper 8K1
LogitechLogitech G3001.1
LogitechLogitech G400s1.2
VaxeeZygen NP-01 / NP-01S1.2On 2ms setting. 3.8ms at 4ms setting, 7.8ms at 8ms setting
VaxeeOutset AX1.2On 2ms setting. 3.8ms at 4ms setting, 7.8ms at 8ms setting
GamesenseGamesense Meta1.2
BloodyBloody V5M1.3
CorsairSabre RGB Optical1.3fw1.16 bootloader 0.23newer fw have very high latency
DreamMachinesDM1 Pro1.3lmb+rmb is 20ms
DreamMachinesDM2 Comfy1.3
PulsarXlite Wireless1.3tested at 0ms setting
AqirysAqirys T.G.A. (wireless)1.3tested at 0/1ms setting; 4.3ms at 4ms setting; scales linearly till 30ms
LogitechLogitech G100s1.4
FantechXD3 V21.4at 0 or 1ms setting, tested in wired mode
GamdiasErebos Optical1.4
GamdiasApollo Extension1.4
RazerViper Ultimate1.5from -0.5 ms to +1.5 ms
RazerDeathadder V2 Pro1.5from -0.5 ms to +1.5 ms
RazerBasilisk Ultimate1.5from -0.5 ms to +1.5 ms
RazerNaga Pro1.5from -0.5 ms to +1.5 ms
TT eSportsTt Iris1.5
LogitechLogitech G4021.5fw90.0.14fw90.2.17 starts higher latency
LogitechLogitech G91.6
LogitechLogitech G9X1.6
GamesenseMVP Wireless1.6at 0 or 1ms setting, tested in wired mode
CorsairSabre RGB Pro1.6with button response optimization on (default); 5.1ms when off
PulsarXlite V2 Wireless / Xlite V2 Mini Wireless1.6at 0 or 1ms setting
FinalmouseUltralight Pro1.7
GloriousModel O Wireless / Model O- Wireless1.92ms setting in Glorious Core
LogitechLogitech G6001.9fw77.00.12
CorsairKatar Pro Wireless2
XtrfyXtrfy M42
LogitechLogitech G1002
Mad CatzR.A.T. TE2
XtrfyXtrfy M4 Wireless2.3at 2ms setting; 4.3 at 4ms, 8.3 at 8ms, 12.3 at 12ms; test in wired mode
MSIClutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless2.3tested in wired mode
Tt eSportsTt Ventus R2.4
RoccatKone Pro2.4tested with Nvidia LDAT; standard error=0.2ms; standard deviation=2.4ms
FantechXD52.4at 0 or 1ms setting, tested in wired mode (latest firmware is best)
GigabyteAorus M22.5
FinalmouseScream One2.5
CorsairSabre RGB Pro Wireless2.8with Button Response Optimization (BRO) enabled; -1.1ms when BRO disabled
AsusROG Keris Wireless2.9fw11.11.12tested in wired mode
LogitechLogitech G5002.9fw58.18
RazerDeathadder 3G2.9fw1.28NDCfirst model, max 1800dpi, glossy sides, fixed blue lights
any other firmware is BAD
Fnatic GearClutch G13
MionixCastor Pro31.0417ms on launch firmware
MionixNaos Pro31.0417ms on launch firmware
MionixAvior Pro31.0417ms on launch firmware
RazerLachesis 3G3.1fw1.00, 1.64, 1.75, 1.91fw1.94 is 13.1ms
RoccatKain 120 AIMO3.2
AsusROG Chakram3.2fw1.28wired, 12ms debounce setting
CorsairM65 RGB Elite3.2
DreamMachinesDM2 Supreme3.4
Magic RefinerMagic Refiner MG-33.4
CreativeFatal1ty 10103.5from +2.0 to +3.5ms
AzioAzio EXO13.6
MSIClutch GM41 Lightweight3.6
FinalmouseFinalM Classic Ergo3.7late 2015 batches and after
Fnatic GearFlick G13.7
SPC GearLIX Plus3.7with 4 ms debounce delay setting
RoccatKone Pro Air3.7tested with Nvidia LDAT; standard error=0.2ms; standard deviation=2.6ms
Cooler Master / CM StormXornet 23.8fw1.024.01ms with fw1.03
RazerBoomslang CE 20073.8
GloriousModel D-3.8
GloriousModel D3.8
GloriousModel O-3.8
GloriousModel O3.8
XtrfyXtrfy M423.8
HK GamingHK Gaming Naos-M3.8
Mad CatzMad Catz MMO TE3.9
HK GamingHK Gaming Mira-M3.9
HK GamingHK Gaming Mira-S3.9
SharkoonLight² 1003.9
NinoxNinox Aurora4lmb+rmb is 56ms
Wicked BunnyRapid RGB4
RazerDiamondback (old)4
RoccatKova (2016)4
ZowieZowie EC3-C4at "Fast Response" setting
default is "Normal Response" setting which is 7.8ms
RazerDeathadder V2 X Hyperspeed4tested with Nvidia LDAT; standard error=0.2ms; standard deviation=2.5ms
DreamMachinesDM6 Holey S4.2tested at 500Hz, 1000Hz is unstable
LogitechLogitech G3024.2
LogitechLogitech G403 (wired)4.2wired model, not the wireless version in wired mode
LogitechLogitech MX518 Legendary4.2
SteelSeriesRival 34.3
PulsarXlite4.3tested at 2ms debounce setting
XtrfyMZ14.3tested at 2ms setting; result is always double the setting figure
AqirysAqirys T.G.A. Wired4.4tested at 2ms setting; 6.8ms at 4ms setting
LogitechLogitech G3034.4newer firmware increases latency, need exact version
FinalmouseClassic Ergo 24.4
CorsairGlaive RGB Pro4.4
SharkoonLight² 1804.4with 2ms debounce setting
SharkoonLight² 2004.4
LogitechLogitech G Pro4.5
Fnatic GearFlick 24.5
Fnatic GearClutch 24.5
LogitechLogitech G203 / G1024.5
LogitechLogitech G305 / G3044.5
NinoxNinox Venator4.5
RazerMamba Elite4.5
HyperXPulsefire Haste4.
LogitechG Pro Wireless4.5
CreativeSoundBlasterX Siege M044.7fw122ms with fw9
Mad CatzR.A.T. DWS4.7tested with Nvidia LDAT; standard error=0.2ms; standard deviation=2.4ms
EVGAEVGA X154.7tested with Nvidia LDAT; standard error=0.2ms; standard deviation=2.4ms
Cooler MasterMM7314.7tested with Nvidia LDAT; standard error=0.2ms; standard deviation=2.5ms
button response time set to 1ms; 9.7ms when set to 6ms
RoccatKone EMP4.9
RoccatKone Pure Military5fw1.10 & 1.11
MountainMakalu 6752ms setting
RazerOrochi V25.1tested with Nvidia LDAT; standard error=0.2ms; standard deviation=2.5ms
LogitechLogitech G9005.2from 4.0 to 5.2ms
CorsairKatar Pro XT5.3
RoccatKone Pure Owl-Eye5.4
RoccatKone Pure Optical5.5fw1.08
Mad CatzR.A.T. Pro X3 Supreme5.5
Tt eSportsTt Azurues5.5
SteelSeriesAerox 5 Wireless5.5tested in wired mode
TrustGXT 180 Kusan5.6
SteelSeriesAerox 9 Wireless5.6tested in wired mode
AsusTUF M55.7
SteelSeriesAerox 3 Wireless5.8fw1.6.8tested in wired mode
CorsairM55 RGB Pro5.8
MicrosoftPro Intellimouse5.9
SteelSeriesAerox 55.9
SharkoonLight² S5.9
CorsairScimitar RGB Elite5.9
LogitechLogitech G7036
Cooler MasterMM8306
MicrosoftSidewinder X86.1
FuncFunc MS-26.1
NixeusNixeus Revel6.2
DreamMachinesDM1 Pro S6.2
AsusTUF M4 Wireless6.2tested with Nvidia LDAT; standard error=0.2ms; standard deviation=4ms
RazerDeathadder 4G6.32013 model, max 6400dpi, side grips, fixed green lights
RazerLancehead Wireless6.3
DreamMachinesDM1 FPS6.4
DreamMachinesDM4 Evo6.4
NixeusRevel Fit6.5
Dark ProjectDark Project ME36.51.0.3initial firmware is 26ms
PloopyPloopy Mouse6.5
HyperXPulsefire Haste Wireless6.6tested in wired mode
ZephyrZephyr Gaming Mouse6.7
RoccatKone Pure Ultra6.8default setting; -0.15 when ZeroDebounce enabled
EVGATORQ X106.8fw1.26fw1.15 is 9ms
Cooler MasterMM7116.8
Cooler MasterMM7106.8
Cooler MasterMM5206.9
SteelSeriesSensei Raw6.9fw120
AsusStrix Impact7
LogitechLogitech MX3007
LogitechLogitech G17
RazerNaga (2014)7new shape, tilt wheel, fixed green lights
RoccatKova Aimo7.1
RazerAbyssus (2014)7.12014 model, new shape, green lights
RazerAbyssus V2 (2016)7.1
RoccatKain 200 AIMO7.2default setting; 0.35 when ZeroDebounce enabled
SteelSeriesRival 1107.2
RazerDeathadder Chroma7.2multi-colored lights, max 10,000dpi
CorsairNightsword RGB7.2
Cooler Master / CM StormAlcor7.3fw1.2.0
Cooler MasterMastermouse S7.4
EVGAEVGA X177.4tested at 8000Hz polling
EVGAEVGA X207.4tested in wired mode
SteelSeriesRival 3107.5fw1.33.0.0
RazerDeathadder 3.5G7.7fw2.33max 3500dpi, glossy sides, fixed blue lights
any other firmware is BAD
LogitechLogitech MX5187.7
SteelSeriesSensei Ten7.8
RoccatKain 100 AIMO7.9default setting; 2.9 when ZeroDebounce enabled
RazerLancehead TE7.9
ZowieZowie S1 / S28inconsistent, between 5-8ms
ZowieZowie FK1-B / FK2-B / FK1+-B8
ZowieZowie ZA11-B / ZA12-B / ZA13-B8
ZowieZowie EC1 / EC2 (2019)8new release with 3360 sensor
SteelSeriesRival 100 / Rival 958
RazerDeathadder Elite8
RazerMamba Hyperflux8
RazerDiamondback Chroma8
ZowieZowie FK1 / FK2 / FK1+8
ZowieZowie ZA11 / ZA12 / ZA138
ZowieZowie EC1-A / EC2-A8
ZowieZowie EC1-B / EC2-B8
CougarMinos X58
Cooler MasterMM7208
ThermaltakeArgent M5 RGB8.1button response time set to 8ms
ThermaltakeArgent M5 Wireless RGB8.1tested in wired mode
AsusROG Gladius 28.1
SteelSeriesPrime Wireless8.1tested with Nvidia LDAT; standard error=0.2ms; standard deviation=2.6ms
Cooler MasterMM5308.3
SteelSeriesRival 6008.5
XtrfyM3 Heaton8.6
SteelSeriesPrime Mini8.8tested with Nvidia LDAT; standard error=0.2ms; standard deviation=2.3ms
RoccatSavu9.1fw1.24fw1.18 & 1.20 might be better
HyperXPulsefire FPS9.1
DreamMachinesDM5 Blink9.2
DuckyDucky Feather9.2
DreamMachinesDM3 Mini9.3
SteelSeriesRival 59.5
SteelSeriesPrime / Prime+9.5tested with Nvidia LDAT; standard error=0.2ms; standard deviation=2.4ms
NinjutsoKatana9.8default setting; debounce time slider not functional (beta fix available May 2022)
RoccatKone Pure10fw1.19fw1.20 is 38.7ms
SteelseriesPrime Mini Wireless10tested with Nvidia LDAT; standard error=0.2ms; standard deviation=2.3ms
EpicGearEpicGear Zora10
SteelSeriesSensei 31010.3
Red SquareRed Square 1337v210.4
HyperXPulsefire Surge10.5fw1.1.1.4
Dark ProjectDark Project ME110.5
CougarMinos X310.7
AsusTUF M310.7fw1.0.1115.5ms with older firmware
HyperXPulsefire Core10.9
Dark ProjectDark Project ME210.9
RedragonRedragon M601-310.9
MionixAvior 700011
MionixNaos 700011
LogitechLogitech MX310117.1ms if 500Hz+
DeluxDelux M62511
SteelSeriesRival 3 Wireless11
SteelSeriesRival 50011.2
Cooler MasterMastermouse Pro L11.5
AsusROG Pugio II11.5tested in wired mode
Mad CatzR.A.T. 811.5
AsusROG Strix Impact II11.9
Red SquareRed Square 133712
RazerAbyssus (old)12blue lights, like mirror edition, lmb+rmb is 18.2ms
SteelSeriesKana V212fw114
RedragonM991 Enlightment12.2tested in wired mode
SteelSeriesKana (v1)12.6on all firmware
HyperXPulsefire FPS Pro12.9
CougarCougar 250M13
CougarCougar 300M13
CougarCougar 450M13
CougarCougar 500M13
CougarCougar 550M13
NinjutsoOrigin One X13.1tested in wired mode
RedragonRedragon M686 Vampire Elite13.1tested in wired mode
RedragonRedragon M913 Impact Elite13.1tested in wired mode
RedragonRedragon M808 Storm Pro13.1tested in wired mode
AbkoncoreAbkoncore A90013.1
MionixNaos 320013.2
AbkoncoreAbkoncore A53013.2
DeepCoolDeepCool MG51013.3tested in wired mode
Cooler Master / CM StormSpawn13.5fw102fw61 is 14.3ms
CorsairM65 Pro RGB14
Mad CatzR.A.T. Pro S14
Mad CatzR.A.T. 114.5
CorsairM65 RGB14.6fw1.19
MicrosoftMS WMO1512ms if 500Hz+
MicrosoftMS IMO1.11512ms if 500Hz+
MicrosoftMS IME3.01512ms if 500Hz+
CorsairScimitar RGB15fw1.6, 2.01
TesoroTesoro Sagitta15
ZowieZowie Mico16
ZowieZowie AM / AM-FG16
ZowieZowie FK / FK'1416
ZowieZowie EC1 / EC216
ZowieZowie EC1 / EC2 eVo16
AdessoAdesso iMouse X316
RazerDiamondback 3G16.1
ValkyrieValkyrie Pro Mouse 2.016.1
DreamMachinesDM6 Holey Duo16.2
LTCMoshPit WHM-0116.2tested in wired mode
TesoroTesoro Control R116.8
AsusROG Sica17.3fw1.04fw1.4 with ROG Armoury v2.085 allows 5ms
NewmenNewmen GX-1 Pro18.6very inconsistent, figures are all over the place
Cooler MasterCM31018.8
TecwareTecware Impulse Pro18.9
AbkoncoreAbkoncore A66019
Mad CatzR.A.T. 8+ ADV19.4
GeniusScorpion M6-60020
AsusROG Gladius20.1fw1.29fw1.29 with ROG Armoury v2.085 allows 5ms
CorsairM65 (Vengeance)22.2fw2.26
SteelSeriesKinzu v325
RapooRapoo V30025
SteelSeriesKinzu V225.2
SteelSeriesKinzu V2 Pro25.2fw96fw95 is 25.5
CorsairCorsair M9027.1fw1.11
OzoneOzone Neon31.3
GigabyteAorus M337.3