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Darmoshark M3


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Mouse Details

Darmoshark M3's Brand, Model and Release Date.

Manufacturer Darmoshark
Model M3
Picture darmoshark-m3
Release Date 2023
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Dimensions and Weight

Size and Weight of Darmoshark M3 mouse.

Length ~129 mm
~12.9 cm
~5.08 in
Width ~66 mm
~6.6 cm
~2.6 in
Height ~39 mm
~3.9 cm
~1.54 in
Weight ~58 g
~0.06 kg
~0.13 lbs
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Technical Specs

Sensor, Lift Off distance and rest of the specifications for the Darmoshark M3 mouse.

Sensor Type Optical
Sensor Model PAW3395
Perfect Sensor (Flawless) Yes
Resolution (CPI/DPI) 100 - 26000
Max Resolution (CPI/DPI) 26000
Min Resolution (CPI/DPI) 100
Resolution Ratio (Max/Min)
Maximum Acceleration 50 G
Max Tracking Speed 650 IPS
Polling Rate 2000 Hz (0.5ms)
Lift Off Distance Adjustable, low>1.0 mm
Switches Type TTC Golden Micro Dustproof
Switches Lifespan 80 million clicks
Feets (Material) Virgin Grade PTFE
Onboard Memory Yes
Smoothing / Filtering No
Hardware Acceleration No
Click Latency 3.5 ms
Shift Latency -
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Connectivity types for the Darmoshark M3 mouse.

Connectivity Wired / Wireless 2.4 GHz / Bluetooth
Cable Length ~1.9 m
~6.23 ft
Cable Type Paracord

General Specifications and Features

List of additional Darmoshark M3 features.

Mouse Type Gaming mouse
Ergonomy Right-handed
Buttons 5
Suggested Grip Palm grip
CPI/DPI Indicator No
LED Lighting No
LED Editable No
Adjustable Weight No
Editable Scroll-Wheel Resistance No
Silent Clicking No
Color Black, White, Camel
Battery Time 100 h (500 mAh)
Battery Type Lithium polymer
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Price and Warranty

Satisfaction is (not) guaranteed.

Warranty 1 or 2 years
Manufacturer URL


What MouseSpecs thinks about this mouse.

The Darmoshark M3 is a well known performing mouse released in 2023, meant to compete in the light weight segment, being just 58 g (0.128 lbs).

There exist similar versions of this product, like the one with 4K Hz Polling Rate, called Darmoshark M3 4K, or the smaller/lighter one which is called Darmoshark M3 Mini.

It seems, from the Reddit Community, that the mouse is generally satisfying users’ expectation, especially the shape: the users looking for an ambidex and “not-small” device.

I do not feel to call this “ambidextrous” mouse since the side buttons are just in the left side, but the community highlight the adaptability of the shape.

darmoshark m3 grip picture

About these side buttons, some users in reddit community reported clicking issues.

Moreover, it looks like battery life is a bit shorter than the official 100 h (1000 Hz) and you can expect about 50 h or less at 2000 Hz.

Video Review as Different Opinion

Additional look and feel of the mouse by a third-party reviewer.

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