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Gigabyte Aorus M6800 V2 vs Trust GXT 950 Idon Comparison

Comparison and Difference Between

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Mouse Details

Subjects of comparisons - brand and model.

ModelAorus M6800 V2GXT 950
Release Date20122020
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Dimensions and Weight

Mice size, weight and cable length (if applicable).

Length~127 mm
~12.7 cm
~32.26 in
~130 mm
~13 cm
~33.02 in
Width~75 mm
~7.5 cm
~19.05 in
~71 mm
~7.1 cm
~18.03 in
Height~42 mm
~4.2 cm
~10.67 in
~41 mm
~4.1 cm
~10.41 in
Weight~95 g
~0.1 kg
~0.21 lbs
~107 g
~0.11 kg
~0.24 lbs

Technical Specs

Full tech specifications of the given mice.

Sensor TypeOpticalOptical
Sensor ModelUnknownATG-4090
Resolution (CPI/DPI)800 - 1600200 - 6000
Maximum Acceleration15 G30 G
Max Tracking Speed37 IPS150 IPS
Polling Rate125 Hz (8 ms)1000 Hz (1ms)
Lift Off DistanceUnknownUnknown
Switch (Lifespan)Omron (5 million clicks)Unknown
Feet (Lifespan)PlasticPTFE
Onboard MemoryNoYes
Smoothing / FilteringYesUnknown
Hardware AccelerationYesUnknown
Click Latency-

Accessories and Features

Other options such as grip style, lighting and connectivity.

Mouse TypeWired mouseGaming mouse
Sensor TypeOpticalOptical
Suggested GripPalm grip, Fingertip gripPalm grip, Claw grip, Fingertip grip
DPI IndicatorNoYes
Adjustable LightingNoYes
Adjustable WeightNoNo

Price and Warranty

Satisfaction is (not) guaranteed.

Warranty2 Years2 Years
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