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Redragon M720 Vampire vs Cooler Master MasterMouse S Comparison

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Mouse Details

Subjects of comparisons - brand and model.

Manufacturer Redragon Cooler Master
Model M720 Vampire MasterMouse S
Release Date 2019 2017
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Dimensions and Weight

Mice size, weight and cable length (if applicable).

Length ~172 mm
~17.2 cm
~6.77 in
~117 mm
~11.7 cm
~4.61 in
Width ~111 mm
~11.1 cm
~4.37 in
~63.5 mm
~6.35 cm
~2.5 in
Height ~50 mm
~5 cm
~1.97 in
~38 mm
~3.8 cm
~1.5 in
Weight ~140 g
~0.14 kg
~0.31 lbs
~89 g
~0.09 kg
~0.2 lbs

Technical Specs

Full tech specifications of the given mice.

Sensor Type Optical Optical
Sensor Model PMW3325 PMW3330
Resolution (CPI/DPI) 100 - 5000 100 - 7200
Max Resolution (CPI/DPI) 5000 7200
Min Resolution (CPI/DPI) 100 100
Maximum Acceleration 20 G 30 G
Max Tracking Speed 100 IPS 150 IPS
Polling Rate 1000 Hz (1ms) 1000 Hz (1ms)
Lift Off Distance High, >2.5 mm Adjustable, Default ~2.0 mm
Switch Type Unknown Omron
Switch Lifespan - 20 million clicks
Feet (Material) PTFE PTFE
Onboard Memory Yes Yes
Smoothing / Filtering No No
Hardware Acceleration No No
Click Latency - 12.4 ms
Shift Latency - -

Accessories and Features

Other options such as grip style, lighting and connectivity.

Mouse Type Gaming mouse Gaming mouse
Sensor Type Optical Optical
Ergonomy Right-handed Ambidextrous
Buttons 8 6
Suggested Grip Palm grip Claw grip
DPI Indicator Yes Yes
Lighting Yes Yes
Adjustable Lighting Yes Yes
Adjustable Weight Yes (8x2.4g) No
Editable Scroll-Wheel Resistance No No
Silent Clicking No No
Colors Black Black
Battery Time - -
Battery Type - -
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Price and Warranty

Satisfaction is (not) guaranteed.

Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
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Vs Comparison Analysis

Our coding Monkeys 🐵 elaborated a Vs comparison for you.

Model M720 Vampire MasterMouse S
Relative Age
User Rating

Sensor Type & Model
Resolution Range
[DPImax - DPImin]
Max Resolution
Min Resolution
Maximum Acceleration
Maximum Tracking Speed
Polling Rate
Lift Off Distance
Switch Type
Switch Lifespan
Feet Material Type
Number of Buttons
Battery Time
Click Latency
Shift Latency

Graphical Vs Comparison

Wow! The Monkeys 🐒 learnt to make Graphs!

Physical Characteristics
(mm, grams)
Sensor Characteristics
(0 ➡ 100%)
(worse ➡ better)
Latency Characteristics
(0 ➡ 100%)
(worse ➡ better)
Other Features
(0 ➡ 100%)
(worse ➡ better)
Graphs Description The Physical Characteristics comparison is just a viewable representation of the devices' length, width, height and weight. Sensor, Latency and Other Features are, instead, computed within the range 0-->100, taking into account if the variable is getting better with the increase of its value (e.g the highest max DPI, the better it is) or vice versa (the lowest Click Latency, the better); for example, a score of 50 for both devices means they are equal, scores of 70 and 30 mean that first one better. So, the data are homogeneous to provide immediate meaning, higher bar(s) means better value(s). An empty graph means that there is not enough data to compute that comparison (one value or both are missing).
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Redragon M720 Vampire Cooler Master MasterMouse S
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Final Vs Words

Aiding our visitors to the final choice between the mice.

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Final Choice & Ranking

Numerical and Graphical Scoring of the M720 Vampire and MasterMouse S models, for buying decision.

In this final section you will find Mouse Specs comparison score of the two mice. The graphs below are elaborated considering the most important variables per each type of device utilization.

Click the buttons to have a wide view of the M720 Vampire and MasterMouse S performance in different utilization environments.

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Your RateMax ResMax AccMax TrackPoll Rate
Click LagAdj. WeightN. ButtonsDPI Ind.

The scores above represent a numerical evaluation of the Redragon M720 Vampire and Cooler Master MasterMouse S specifications.

You should take into consideration also the personal feelings and not only the technical specs.

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